Blockchain Development


Blockchain is a distributed ledger that powers many applications of security, privacy and encoding. With the digital ownership revolution in blockchain technology, its applications are increasing double-fold. In this age of innovation, we  as a blockchain development company thrive to deliver this technology in a customized form for our clients.
Blockchain Development

What Is Blockchain?

A blockchain has two important aspects – a block of data and a cryptographic connection forming a chain. Block unit (demonstrated in storage units terms) has a collection of data and these blocks are connected by a cryptographic chain.

This ledger thus created is cryptographically secured and distributed across the whole network. Also, there is no central authority to control this system and the data is exchanged directly and safely. The data once added cannot be changed or deleted and thus becomes a permanent source of information.

How Does Blockchain Work?

Step 1: Creating a node and assigning it a private key (hash key).
Step 2: Verification of this transaction by peers.
Step 3: Verified node is now validated into a block and propagated in the network.
Step 4: Your block of information is now a part of the ledger.


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Simply put, it helps you start your own digital data. Which form assists you is up to you. Here are a few examples of how blockchain development is being used currently.

Payments And Money Transfer: For developing a secure system for your business transactions.
Smart Contracts: Carry out the terms of any contract without any censorship or fraud.
Distributed Cloud Storage: Fast and secure cloud storage for your business and that too with drastically increased storage space.
Supply-Chain Communications: E-commerce like product tracking systems for the customer and the operations team.
Networking And IoT: Communicate with devices on board, safely and securely.
Financial Services: Use of distributed ledger system for many aspects of financial market infrastructure.
Copywriting: Copy-write your articles, videos or any work easily and securely through a cryptographic means.
There are many more ways you can exploit this technology to your benefit. You may not even know where this can optimize your business.

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Cogdina has a team of experts in every field it provides services including the blockchain development services. We are committed to keeping the clients satisfied. We go above and beyond the scopes, costs and schedule to keep the clients happy. Our aim is to build strong relationships with our clients by timely delivering the work and keeping them updated.