Cogdina believes in integrating the most recent technologies that guarantee maximum productivity. It provides the services right from designing the sites to the authentic back-end development and creating appealing applications and websites. Additionally, it facilitates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the websites as well.


Blockchain Development​

Cogdina presents you an opportunity to unlock the development of interactive front-end designs, smart contracts, unique blockchain protocols, blockchain architecture and web application using blockchain development.


E-commerce Development

B2C solutions by Cogdina include Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Drupal Commerce as well as custom solutions that integrate with several web frameworks like .NET, Ruby on Rails, Laravel and Django.


Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility is a practise to remove web-access barriers for people with disabilities and socio-economic restrictions on bandwidth and speed. Cogdina imbibes the Web Accessibility Standards in website to adhere to the ADA, WCAG, and AODA Compliances.


AI in Web Development​

Stable, scalable and feature-rich web development using AI. Cogdina Inc. gives you the power of effective customer interaction, targeted digital marketing, personalization and much more by using AI in Web Development.


Ruby On Rails Web Development

Cogdina has dedicated experts in each field providing services in Ruby on Rails, Postgre SQL, AWS, Mandrill, .Net Framework and many more. Get the experts in Ruby on Rails working on your challenging development projects.


ODOO Open Source ERP System

Build a customised Odoo module with Cogdina and boost your project management and sale capability to a whole new level. Cogdina designs and integrates Odoo platforms and applications that outperforms other alternatives.


Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research, Google Analytics, Backlinks Audit, Google Business registration and many more by highly qualified professionals. An agile process to achieve a desirable ranking of your website on SERP (Search Engine Rank Page).


Drupal Web Development

From a customized Drupal theme to a modernised Drupal web development solution, Cogdina is focused on fulfilling all your business needs by a highly-flexible working environment and cost-effective development solutions.


Python Web Development

Build scalable web development solutions with a systematic project management platform Django. Cogdina efficiently develops versatile Python Django websites and applications to achieve your business goals productively.