To Maintain a System for Manitoba

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Cogdina: To Maintain a System for Manitoba.

Cogdina has successfully maintained, enhanced and supported a Lead Response Management System for Manitoba, a Canada based client.

Bruce Williams
Senior Director Product Development

April 22, 2019


Application and Web Development

By using the advanced technologies like Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Mandrill Twilio and AWS, Cogdina has successfully developed an application, that immediately notifies the employees when new leads are achieved; so that the action can be taken in the real time.

This application consolidates all 3rd party listings from sources like Zumper, Padmapper, Kijiji,, etc. as well as the company website, and social media channels in the real-time response system.  Company employees are immediately notified via email and optional (SMS) of the new lead that comes from any source so they can act in real time.


The aim was to provide an online portal for residential apartments to manage daily maintenance. This allows the apartment buildings to sign-up in order to streamline their day to day workflow as well as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


The client chose us to be the development partner for this application due to our technical expertise and years of experience in building web-applications and community portals. We developed the application as a crisp, easy-to-use service portal for the apartment owners.


The traffic from mobile and tablet devices has been remaining constant.


Organic traffic is significantly increasing day by day. Application is getting good responses from the users.


Overall traffic of the application is uplifting as the users are getting more satisfied by the application.