Cogdina Maintains a Messaging Platform for Fintech Industry

Cogdina Maintains a Messaging Platform for Fintech Industry.

Cogdina has successfully maintained, enhanced and supported membership management and messaging platform for Fintech industry community site.

Felicia Thompson
VP Engineering

December 19, 2018 12:00 am

Application & Web Development

This platform is building a global community of Fintech Professionals. It allows its members to create their profile, and communicate with other members via the internal messaging platform.

The users can also consume curated content of all the top global Fintech news. They can participate in local community events that promote innovation in the Fintech industry.


Fintech needed to communicate quickly, clearly and concisely with the members. With millions of social messaging texts, a year, there was an urgent need of a reliable partner that could manage the messages and keep the services running all day and night.


The application makes sure that the Fintech professionals stay updated such that they don’t miss a thing. It aims that the members rest assured that the important services are taken care of with low hassle.

The application has multiple solutions available on one unified platform allowing to send time-critical messages and have two-way conversations with the staff. It has streamlined multiple processes into one digital channel.


The traffic from mobile and tablet devices has been remaining constant.


Organic traffic is significantly increasing day by day. Application is getting good responses from the users.


Overall traffic of the application is uplifting as the users are getting more satisfied by the application.