Partner Address

B-208, Pavan Plaza, Opp. Lifecare Hospital, Sardar Patel Colony Ahmed, Naranpura Vistar, Ahmedabad - 380013

Company Size

11-50 Employees

Gloscon Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Gloscon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an open source consulting company which specializes in Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Hadoop and Mobile development. Gloscon specializes in developing software and providing consulting services in Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Hadoop and Mobile Technologies.

Their Services

Gloscon is mainly a software product company which specializes in building social networks with the aim of licensing them to other strategic partners. It has opened up two subsidiaries-

  1. OpenKick Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which will provide training for Drupal and RoR projects.
  2. Gujarat Hosting Pvt. Ltd., which provides web hosting and infrastructure monitoring services to local as well as international clients.

Apart from these, Gloscon has established alliances with Gujjuchaps, an Ahmedabad based group which is provides hiring solutions. Along with providing Drupal solutions to its clients, it has also contributed much to the Drupal Community. Gloscon has contributed 4 modules into the Drupal community which are-

  1. Node Blaster
  2. Sub-domain Manager
  3. Creative Commons Lite
  4. E-publish


Ruby-on-Rails, Android, E-commerce, SaaS, SEO, Social Networking, Hadoop, Web-2-0, Drupal Development, and Drupal Theming.

Their Clients

Gloscon Solutions have executed projects for 130+ clients – some of which are Fortune 500 companies like Sun Microsystems, MDS Inc., LA2DAY magazine, Sondigo Inc., Luxury Marketing Council etc. Gloscon solutions have been involved in a number of global projects by offering strategic solutions to its clients.